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You've done your research and invested in some high-quality storage containers. Now you want to protect that investment by ensuring that you get the maximum lifespan out of those bins. Looking for a place to stow your prized possessions, but don't know where to turn? Here are five things to look for to ensure that you pack your belongings away at a reliable storage facility. Today, through the help of companies offering garage door repair services, the garage serves other purposes than these two because modern designs have upgraded it as not just a storage garage but more. The garage continues to be transformed according to the homeowners' lifestyle, needs, and budget.Your storage containers may be built to last, but achieving that long-lasting aim is going to require some upkeep on your part. You may find that in many cases a lot of items should have been weeded through, thrown out or donated to charity. As you start your planning do not forget to check your local city or municipal bylaws as well as your strata if you live in a complex.There is a lot more to a storage shed or building than simply building a box with a roof over top. Plan ahead as to what you are going to be storing in the shed, hand tools, garden tools, garden chemicals or car parts and so on. It's estimated that there are 253 million cars and trucks in the United States. It's no secret that motor vehicles produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. Gas-burning vehicles account for more than 30 percent of carbon dioxide, 80 percent of carbon monoxide and 50 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions in the United States.If you find yourself needing some extra space this holiday season, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. Here are three ways you can use these facilities during this busy time of year. If you are planning to move things into a self storage unit, you need to make sure to avoid some common packing mistakes. Here are some you should avoid. In the past, the garage used to be the space where the family car is kept as well as for stashing junk from the main house.